Confidence: Fake It Till You Make It?

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Confidence can be a very hard thing that many people struggle with in life, but it is important to view confidence for what it really is. In essence, confidence is simply knowing and believing that you can do what you set your mind to, when you really break it down. There may be things that you have felt like you can achieve, only to realize that you were not successful and this is a big killer to a lot of men's confidence. However, in order to be successful in the future, you have to figure out how to get that mindset back in a positive direction in order to succeed.

No one is ever successful one hundred percent of the time. It flat out doesn't happen. Everyone fails at certain things in life and no one reaches a level of success and confidence without falling on their face tons of times. No actor in Hollywood rose to that level of success without having dirt kicked in their face plenty of times and getting rejected from roles in which they tried out. This is simply a process of life and those that get over their fears about being rejected and continue trying are the ones that will succeed in the end. Once you take on this mentality, you have a much higher propensity for success, regardless of what you are trying to do. The beauty of developing this mindset is the fact that even if you fail, you know that you will get back on the horse and try again. This in turn is what really breeds confidence. It truly is a lack of caring whether you get knocked down, because you know that you are going to try again.

Developing this type of attitude is easier said than done and it really comes down to pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. A good thing to ask yourself on a daily basis is "What are you going to do to make yourself uncomfortable today?" The basis of this quote is putting yourself in situations that make you uncomfortable, for the simple reason that by doing it when you don't want to makes you get more comfortable and builds confidence. There truly is no easy way around this process and the only way to get over it is to jump in the cold water. Put yourself in situations that make you uncomfortable and continue to do it until you own it. When you do this repeatedly, you will build truly earned confidence that people will be able to feel.

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