Three Things To Never Say To A Woman

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There are some things, that although not that offensive to men, most women will find extremely offensive. If you say these things to a woman, there is a very good chance that she'll be very angry at you or even just walk out of your life altogether. Of course, this list is not comprehensive and women obviously vary in the things that they find offensive.

1) Anything regarding her weight: Most women are very self conscious about their body image and saying anything that could remotely be construed as negative about her body image is likely to really upset her. Sometimes, women may ask you if they look 'fat' in something. However, she is simply looking for assurance that she doesn't, not asking for an honest opinion. No matter how big she looks, simply tell her that she doesn't look big or you will likely upset her A LOT.

2) If you are on a date and she is insisting on paying, it's best to just let her. Although many men would simply assume that she will be appreciative of your insisting on paying for the meal, many women see this as encroaching on their independence. Some women, but not all, very much dislike anyone trying to do anything to "carry" them, even if it is just meant as a kind gesture. This may be confusing to many men, because their parents may have told them to always be the one to pay on a date. However, things have changed significantly since their generation and not all women want this.

3) Even if it is endearing, don't refer to her as "cupcake" or something of the sort. Although some women are okay with being referred to in this way, some women see it as demeaning and it is best to avoid using these types of terms. If she okay with it, she will likely react in a neutral or maybe slightly positive way when hearing this. However, if she does not wish to be referred to with these terms, she is likely to see you as being sexist or even misogynistic, so the risks far outweigh the potential benefits of this. If you are in a relationship with a woman, referring to her as "babe" or "honey" is generally well received though. Again, this is something else that has changed since the last generation, so parental advice may not be accurate when it comes to this.

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